TakeDown Ulrich BigFive

Original Ulrich TakeDown rifle
in colour-case hardened steel version with elaborate relief engraving on both sides with brown bear, wapiti, wolves on the left side and buffalo, hyenas on the right side, arabesques with gold thread inlays, also on the trigger guard.

  • Classic Safari stock with decorative stock carvings and ebony forearm tip
  • Wood grade exclusive
  • Trigger blade, radial locking system head, gold-coloured titanium nitrided
  • Calibre 300 Win.Mag., different calibres on request
  • incl. MAKURA luxury rifle case


* CHF 39.800,–
** (EUR 34.900,-)

* Recommended retail price in Switzerland incl. VAT of currently 8%

* * Recommended retail price in Germany, Austria etc. incl. VAT of currently 19%