Bolt Handles with your Lucky Star

An exquisite novelty are the bolt handle­ balls with real gemstones or elegant cultured gemstones of your zodiac sign for the R8, R93 and ­TakeDown Ulrich.


Select the colour of the stones according to your zodiac sign:

  • Capricorn:Garnet
  • Aquarius: Amethyst
  • Pisces: Aquamarine
  • Aries: Zirconia
  • Taurus: Emerald
  • Gemini: Pearl
  • Cancer: Ruby
  • Leo: Peridot
  • Virgo: Sapphire
  • Libra: Tourmaline
  • Scorpio: Citrine
  • Saggittarius: Blue topaz

The jewelled bolt handle balls are optionally made of real 925 sterling silver, real gold bronze or hard gold-plated sterling silver. 
A beautiful gift idea!

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Sterling silber hartvergoldet, Schmuckstein nach Wahl (siehe oben) CHF 790.00 Sterling silber, Schmuckstein nach Wahl (siehe oben) CHF 690.00 Gold-bronze, Schmuckstein nach Wahl (siehe oben) CHF 590.00