Success Plus full stock for the R8 –

perfectly suitable for driven hunts

Extremely robust, one-piece thumbhole stock version for the Blaser R8, particularly suitable for driven hunts.
The integrated magazine port in the stock accommodates a second magazine, allowing for the magazine to be changed exremely quick. Thus, the shooter is provided with 8 shots. When using the rifle "normally", the magazine port can be closed with the R8 magazine cover which is included in the scope of delivery. 


RP as "complete rifle", standard calibre, wood grade 2
or laminated wood three-coloured



CHF 5.390,00 * (EUR 4.750,00)**

ditto as "body" without barrel, bolt assembly and magazine
(changing the elements, but at the same time keeping the old "body")

CHF 3.580,00 * (EUR 3.190,00)**

ditto as "only stock" without barrel, receiver, bolt assembly, magazine



(e.g. for the conversion of a R8 Professional)

CHF 1.750,00 * (EUR 1.580,00)**

* Recommended retail price in Switzerland incl. VAT of currently 8%
* * Recommended retail price e.g. in Germany and Austria etc. incl. VAT of currently 19%